Topic: Radio and checkbox incompatibilites with some wordpress plugin

6tem9 pro asked 4 years ago

Hi, I'm sorry maybe my answer may be simple, but i have some problems with forms. In fact, some plugins are using checkbox, radio, or select and these elements are hidden because in the core of the plugins the code is not "mdb-friendly".

For example i'm using bbpress for forums, et many options are not possible because radio or checkbox are coded in a "old traditional" way, and not with classes required by mdb.

Do you what we can do in theses cases ?

Thanks a lot, any help will be great help


Tomek Makowski staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks you for finding this error. We try to fix this soon.

best, Tomek

6tem9 pro answered 4 years ago


thanks for your message

this is not for this plugin only, this is a general question, for many plugins, when you use mdb for a theme, every radio or checkbox that don't have the right classes doesn't work.

I think that is a major problem for your library, but maybe i am wrong with something ?

For an other example we modified a plugin called WPUF that is really useful, to be mdb-friendly, but it implies so many modifications that now it is not possible to update this plugin

This is not possible to have juste simple

Best Eric

Tomek Makowski staff answered 4 years ago

Sorry but we can't help you with this problem becouse we don't have an effect on this plugin.

6tem9 pro answered 4 years ago

yes of course, but that is not the problem

default checkbox needs some classes

class="custom-control custom-checkbox" (and others)

but plugins uses "classics checkboxes" without any class. The problem is when you use mdb librairie in your theme you have to add the specific classes otherwise "classic checkboxes" are not working.Sometimes i modify a plugin to add the default mdb checkbox, but sometimes it is not possible.

I don't know if a solution exists?

Thanks a lot

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 4 years ago


have you tried to use default bootstrap checkbox from the documentation here: instead mdb version if it is necessary?

Best, Marta

6tem9 pro answered 4 years ago

Hi Marta,

Thanks a lot for you answer, I use normal pro version of mdb

I prefer to use mdb styles but if not possibles for some plugin default radio or checkbox will be ok, sometimes i modifiy the plugin to add mdb styles but it is not always possible, and it is a bad idea considering updates of plugin.

What should i Do ? (you can see in picture : "type de sujet" and "etat du sujet" are but nothing is visible)

Thanks a lot enter image description here Eric

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 4 years ago


so, you would like to use default radio and checkbox, without MDB styles? Which version do you use - MDB Gulp version or normal Pro version?

Best, Marta

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