Scrolling navbar and top-nav-collapse

Topic: Scrolling navbar and top-nav-collapse

Offei Lord asked 5 years ago

the background of navbar from transparent to different color when scrolling does not work

Sid26 commented a year ago

I would like to know if this problem is solved? Currently iam facing this issue

Marcin Luczak staff commented a year ago

Hi @Sid26,

You can achieve the feature you've mentioned by adding a proper background color to the .top-nav-collapse class. Please see my snippet:

Regards, Marcin

Marta Szymanska staff pro premium answered 5 years ago

Can you give me more details? E.g. piece of code from your website.

donmehdi commented 4 years ago

it's this example: the background of the navbar doesnt change when the scroll event is trigerred. the class is added the nav but the css of the class doesnt have any effect

Hi, I did the tutroial of Landing page and it does not work me the top-nav-collapse that can be?

donmehdi commented 4 years ago

I'm facing the same issue, have you found any solution to this, thanks in advance

Ollie Vincent pro commented 4 years ago

If you post your code someone might be able to help :)

Castillo pro commented 4 years ago

same problem

Ollie Vincent pro answered 4 years ago

Hi folks, Is the top-nav-collapse class toggling on/off as you scroll up/down your page? If so, you just need to style it.   Thanks
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