Topic: add-on, pro and modules folders

Kneidels pro asked 4 years ago

Another question about the version we get in the download.

There are sub folders in the css and js folders - with addon, add-ons pro and modules. are these scripts we add on only if we want? or are they included already in the complete mdb.min.js file?


Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 4 years ago

Hi. addons and addons-pro are components that are not added to compiled mdb files (mdb.js and mdb.css). Which means you have to import them separately in your project if you want to use them.

modules is components that is compiled into the mdb file (mdb.js and mdb.css). We add it specifically for people who, for example, want to use tools such as webpack or gulp and want to be able to change the code of components or they don't want to add the whole mdb in their project, but only a few components.

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