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Topic: $breadcumb-divider: none help

lede pro asked a year ago

Adding $breadcrumb-divider: none to my _custom-variables.scss doesn't remove the divider.

In the demo page (https://mdbootstrap.com/docs/jquery/navigation/breadcrumb/#separator) it's not clear where to add the $breadcrumb-divider. The

How do I change/remove the divider?

TonyO pro answered a year ago

You change it in your document in the javascript script section...

If you have an on-load call just add this to the call: $breadcrumb-divider:none;

or add $(document).ready(function(){ $breadcrumb-divider:none;

...anyother initialization code like scroll spy, mdb select, data Wow


Marta Szymanska staff pro premium answered a year ago


you can add this CSS to your code: .breadcrumb-item+.breadcrumb-item::before { content: ""; } to remove a divider.

Best, Marta

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