Topic: Card rotating display issue in Firefox

hemdwerk pro asked 5 years ago


Can you please check out the example for cards rotating effect in Firefox.

Issue: Card 1 is still diplayed and not hiding correctly when rotating.
Funny it also works in IE / Edge but not in Firefox.

hemdwerk pro commented 5 years ago

And how do I make the rotate version work? Do I need to add extra CSS? I am using the MDB jQuery PRO edition.

Colinet free answered 3 years ago

Try to put in html

<script src='pinaas.js'></script>

Note: don't know why but always get an error with that file name. and you ?


Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 3 years ago


Could you paste this error here?

Best regards

Colinet free answered 3 years ago

Hi, Yes for sure, here please

Thanks, Lauco

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 3 years ago


I see that another issue occurred that we didn't realize. When you are flipping the card, the whole container is flipping and Firefox doesn't get it like Chrome. We'll fix it as soon as possible :)

Best regards

Colinet free commented 3 years ago

OK, thanks let me know about the fix

Let me know if you need a specialist to find incredible bug and solutions :)

try to put in your html

you will see what I talk about ! Best lauco

Colinet free answered 3 years ago

Hi, The are now two years later and issued still here or re appear.

I have exactly the same with version 4.19.1 flipping card are rotating correctly, but back still display after the rotation. but in this case, not sure it's important, with a transparent background enter image description here

Is there a solution for that ? Tahnks Lauco

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 3 years ago


Yes, it was fixed. Could you make a snippet with your problem and share it with me?

Best regards

hemdwerk pro answered 5 years ago

Hi Bartlomiej!

Thank you for your reply. So you suggest not to use the plugin for now and wait for the next update?

Anyway, can you tell me how to make the plugin work? Do I have to include a special CSS file?

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 5 years ago

We haven't fixed it yet, but it's on our TODO list. I think that might be fixed with some javascript code

There's a bug with our flipping cards, but don't worry - this will be fixed in the upcoming release 

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