Topic: Dropdown style overriden by mdb-free.scss

Manuel Perez free asked 3 years ago

Expected behavior

I added some custome style to my drop down menus in my style.css if I use regular bootstrap works

Actual behavior

My styles are overriden by mdb-free.scss

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

I basically have the imports this way

Am I missing something, I don't even know where is being called from mdb-free.scss

Tomek Makowski staff commented 3 years ago


Try to use !important in your CSS properties


Manuel Perez free commented 3 years ago

Hi thanks, yes if I use !Important it'll work, however I will end up with most of my style.css marked as! important, is it the only way to do it? With regular Bootstrap by placing style.css import below Bootstrap. Css would be enough

Tomek Makowski staff commented 3 years ago

Other way is to use bootstrap classes or our mdb classes. Unless your CSS property is included there then you have to use !important.


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