Topic: fixed button with waves does not work

Kneidels pro asked 5 years ago

Hi! Using 4.4.3 i have a fixed button on the bottom of the pages, that does not work. If i right-click it opens fine, but the action seems to be blocked from opening on the same page Code:
<div class="fixed-action-btn" style="bottom: 25px; right: 24px;">
 <a href="ticket_entry.asp" class="btn-floating btn-large blue">
 <i class="material-icons">add</i>
has anyone run into this?

Ollie Vincent pro answered 5 years ago

Hi, I see your problem,  but I think I have found a fix... There is some script in mdb.js preventing external urls from opening on fixed buttons. Paste this code into your JavaScript section:  
<script>$(document).ready(function () {



Kneidels pro commented 5 years ago

perfect - this works well. is this a temporary fix? will it be integrated later on to the final code?

Ollie Vincent pro commented 5 years ago

No idea - thats a question for them :) Glad it works

Jakub Strebeyko staff answered 5 years ago

Hi there moshe,

Was the binding problem solved with Ollie's suggestion? If it is valid it just might be included into next update. Did the wave effect start working? If no, please share some details about your environment and the context you're using the button.

With Best Regards,

Ollie Vincent pro commented 5 years ago

Hi, I think the Javascript above did the trick :) Please include in the next update.

Kneidels pro commented 5 years ago

correct - it did indeed work. thanks all.

Ollie Vincent pro answered 5 years ago

Hi, Looks like you are missing the waves-effect class Try this:
<div class="fixed-action-btn"style="bottom: 25px; right: 24px;">

<a href="ticket_entry.asp"class="btn-floating btn-large blue waves-effect">

<i class="material-icons">add</i>



Kneidels pro commented 5 years ago

The waves effect are added in automatically via the script. i see them as i click on the button. in fact my suspicion is that that might be whats making the button un-clickable for some reason.

Ollie Vincent pro commented 5 years ago

Can you try the code above and if that doesnt work can you please describe in detail?

Kneidels pro commented 5 years ago

Thanks. no change. i still get the waves effect as I click on the button, but no href is launched. thanks

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