Topic: How can I add a label and validation messages to a number input - default version?

belu pro asked 4 years ago

Expected behavior I would like to add a label to the default version of a number input. What I also need is a validation message. How can I do that? Thanks in advance! Actual behavior not like above Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Mateusz Łubianka staff commented 4 years ago

Hi @belu,

Do you mean something like that:


belu pro commented 4 years ago


no - I am looking for the styling next to this example - on this page:

the number input - default Input and not Material number input. Another problem with this input is, that if you use it within a tag, the '+' - Button does not work on mobile devices - instead of increasing the number, it submits the form. The '-' button does not.

Thanks in advance, belu

Mateusz Łubianka staff answered 4 years ago

We do not have this option for this type of input. On the second problem: please, create a snippet showing your problem here: I'll try to help you.


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