Topic: Label data-error | data-success bug

gionatan.cardelli free asked 4 years ago

With version 4.15.0 .md-form>label has overflow hidden and text-overflow: ellipsis so the annoying labels longer than input is solved

But with overflow: hidden data-error and data-success message are hide too

There is some workaround for this or we have to overwrite css rule?

Mateusz Łubianka staff answered 4 years ago

Hi @gionatan.cardelli,

You are right. I will create a task with this issue and our team will fix it as soon as possible. For now you can overwrite styles, for example,

.md-form>label[data-success], .md-form>label[data-error] {

Thank you very much for reporting this.


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  • Technology: MDB jQuery
  • MDB Version: 4.15.0
  • Device: Computer
  • Browser: Chrome
  • OS: Windows 10
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