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jseird priority asked 4 years ago

Actual behavior

Either the material select multiselct is working or the datetimepicker. I downloaded a fresh copy of the bundle (including admin template and pro)

when I do use the the mdb.min.js included in the admin template located at "MDB-Pro-Templates_4.8.11/MDB-Admin-Dashboard-Templates-Pack_4.8.11/js" the material select is working as expected, but the the function "dateTimePicker" does not exist.

vice verse when I do use the mdb.min.js from the MDB-Pro_4.19.1/js the Datepicker is functional like mentioned here: --> $('.date-time').dateTimePicker(); but the material multi select displays the 'Save' button also outside of the component. I.e. you see the expected select dropdown + a button beneath.

Passing options at init of dateTimePicker({default:'00:00', etc...}) do not work.

Expected behavior

Both examples to work as mentioned in your tutorials

Additional Question

How can s.o. pass default values to the time picker that are also handled using the mentioned dateTimePicker? Also I am missing the option to alter the text for the close button

Best would be alike the method of the datepicker: $.extend($.fn.pickatime.defaults, { default: '00:00', donetext: ‚DONEDONE‘, closetext: schließen });

This would allow initial setup for all used time pickers.


Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

jseird priority answered 4 years ago

Swiched to datepicker 2 (you should really update your docs and list more / all options). This fixed the 'design-flavs'. Nevertheless the new datepicker 2 component is even more buggy as date picker 1. I temp fixed it with manually wrapping js around your component.

Most cruicial bugs in datepicker 2: - The hidden input is not updated when the date is changed. - This hidden input gets the wrong name --> 'undefined_submit'. - Localisation is not possible for the entry marked red in the screenshot.

Also, where can I change the number of characters to display in the green marked box? With respect to the picker__weekday-display span it uses the long string I am providing via the components defaults in weekdaysFull 'Samstag' and truncates it to 3 characters 'Sam,'. I also provided an entry for weekdaysShort - hence this has only 2 characters I'd be happy to understand what the component is doing here exactly in order to display it correctly to endusers.


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Tomek Makowski staff commented 4 years ago

Every this bug is known and we have these issues in our "issues list". We will fix it.

Best, Tomek

Tomek Makowski staff answered 4 years ago


To change text in close button just use this solution (I did it in my snippet)

  close: 'schließen'

And you can read how to do that right here

Hmm I am not sure about your first question could you make this exmple in the snippet code editor ( I can't open this project because it is private). I think this is not going to work because you should use pickdate function instead of dateTimePicker


jseird priority answered 4 years ago

Hi Tomek,

thank you for your answer. The solution you do provide may working fine here:

But 1.) As soon as I am using the mdb.js files provided within the downloadable packages either the datetimepicker is working OR the select menu but not both at the same time (.eg. dateTimePicker is not a function)

2.) How to set the 'close' text in this example? Hint in the docs would be great.


Tomek Makowski staff answered 4 years ago


You should use our new documentation about date picker

Here is example how to use it. Moreover, multiselect is working as well. Be sure that you are using newest version of our package in your projects.


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