Topic: perfect scrollbar doesnt work in a div with sidenav

karolla86 free asked 3 years ago

I added a perfectscrollbar in a div. But sidenav doesnt work now. Can u fix it? And scrollbar design is not good. İt is default bar now :(

karolla86 free answered 3 years ago

I changedt demo to weggScroll.
    new WOW().init();
    // SideNav Initialization
    // SideNav Scrollbar Initialization
    var sideNavScrollbar = document.querySelector('.custom-scrollbar');
    // Initialize the plugin
    const weggScroll = document.querySelector('#weggScroll');
    const ps = new PerfectScrollbar(weggScroll);
    // Handle size change
    document.querySelector('#resize').addEventListener('click', () => {
        // Get updated values
        height = document.querySelector('#height').value;
        // Set weggScroll sizes = $;{ height } px;
        // Update Perfect Scrollbar
        ps.update(); });

Adam Jakubowski staff commented 3 years ago

So everything is working properly or do you still need help with it?

karolla86 free commented 3 years ago

No it doesnt work. Can u make a snippet for me?

Adam Jakubowski staff commented 3 years ago

I have created a snippet for you and everything works, how does it look in your code you? What exactly doesn't work ?

karolla86 free commented 3 years ago

İf there are too much link in sidenav menu, then perfect scrollbar doesnt work in sidenav. There is no scrool in sidenav. I added some link under the submit blog menu in sidenav. Click it and open menu. There are so much link. And there is no scrool.

I created it :

Adam Jakubowski staff commented 3 years ago

Ok, now I see, sidenav doesn't work because there is no scroll example added try to add there "weggScroll" id or create a new id in your javascript code. Here is an basic example of adding a scroll to Sidenav

Adam Jakubowski staff answered 3 years ago


Do you have purchased a pro package ? Because this is pro component so that's why there may be problems with it.



karolla86 free commented 3 years ago

Yes, I have pro.

Adam Jakubowski staff commented 3 years ago

Okay i found the problem slidenav was't working because ps was previously declared and there was this error enter image description here

so now your Java Script code should look like this

$(".button-collapse").sideNav();<br>new WOW().init();<br>// SideNav Initialization<br> // SideNav Scrollbar Initialization<br> var sideNavScrollbar = document.querySelector('.custom-scrollbar');<br>// Initialize the plugin<br>const demo = document.querySelector('#demo');<br>const ps = new PerfectScrollbar(demo);<br>// Handle size change<br>document.querySelector('#resize').addEventListener('click', () => {<br> // Get updated values<br> height = document.querySelector('#height').value;<br> // Set demo sizes<br> =${height}px;<br> // Update Perfect Scrollbar<br> ps.update();<br>});<br>

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