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Topic: Searchable mdb-select focus

lede pro asked 2 years ago

Someone posted a solution to this months ago ( but it's still not in the latest version. I don't particularly want to have to add it manually every time you do a new release so it would be nice to finally get this in there because currently you have to click to open the select then click again to focus the search field. It's 1 line of code, please add for the next release

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff pro premium answered 2 years ago

This issue was overlooked, but I've some good news - this will be finally added to mdb.js ;)

lede pro commented 2 years ago

Thanks. Did it make it into 4.5.9 or will it be in 4.5.10?

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff pro premium commented 2 years ago

This will be added in the next version of MDB. We cannot add it to 4.5.9 as it's already released

lede pro commented 2 years ago

This seems to have been overlooked again in 4.5.10!

needledrag answered 5 months ago

Hi, I was wondering the same thing, trying to set focus to the search box in the select list, is there any update on this?

Many thanks Shaun

Mateusz Łubianka staff commented 5 months ago

Hi @needledrag,

Do you want to not have to click two times to start typing in select search? I think it works now. You have to click only once to select and you can start searching. There still is one little issue with dupilcate first letter but it's fixed now, so it will works great in new version of product.


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