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Topic: sidenav active missing class

lede pro asked 2 years ago

If I add the class 'active' to the 'collapsible-header' <a> it correctly expands it. If I add it to one of the <a> page items below it, nothing happens. I have added this myself but it should be in your styles already I think because it matches the skin colours. I've added this style:
.navy-blue-skin .side-nav .collapsible li .collapsible-body {
color: rgba(37,207,207,1);
This should be in for every skin I think

Marta Szymanska staff pro premium answered 2 years ago

Hi, we will fix this in another release. Best, Marta  

lede pro commented 2 years ago

Thanks. I just came across another simple style which I think could be included. The skins already style the nav/sidenav/footer/buttons etc. I have added the following style which again I think should be done for each skin: .navy-blue-skin .tabs-skin{background-color:#353b50!important} This way you can class 'nav tabs-skin' for tabs and the colours match the rest of the skin

Marta Szymanska staff pro premium commented 2 years ago

We will think about adding this option to our tabs. Thank you for the idea.

Richard7424 pro commented 2 years ago

Any ETA on this fix? It's now version 4.5.9 and it's not fixed yet. I'm also seeing the background and border on the sub-menu li and a being incorrect when active. I copied the code straight from the Admin Template. Also, none of the documentation showed how to set any of it active anyways, may want to put that into your Admin Template as well, I had to inspect this site to see how to do it.

Marta Szymanska staff pro premium commented 2 years ago

We don't have any ETA for this.

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