Topic: .stretched-link causes error with asp-route-...

vonmonckl free asked 4 years ago

It would be great if .stretched-link would work within a table, as to link full rows.

 @foreach (var item in Model)
             <a asp-action="Details" asp-route-id="@Model.Id" class="stretched-link"> Go to         details</a>
              Other cell
               And another cell

Actual behavior The link does stretch across the row (good news!), but... the asp-route-id variable sticks to the number 1. Am I making a mistake, or is it a bug/missing feature?

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 3 years ago

Hi, we don't officially support, so we didn't change anything that could change the default behavior in It looks like a code error. I don't know much about, but shouldn't that be asp-route-id = "@item.Id" ?

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