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eNVee Dev free asked 3 years ago

I have just started trying to use some of the templates (specifically construction atm) to get a head start on a site. The issue I am having is that all of the templates came bundled together with all of the css, js, files in one large folder. I am unsure of what each template requires.

Is there a section of the documentation that lists what specific dependencies each template (landing, admin, etc) require? For instance: Construction Template - mdb.min.css, bootstrap.min.css, file.js.

This way we can just include what is necessary with a template rather than including everything.

I am sure this is an easy solution that I am just not seeing. :)

Krzysztof Wilk staff answered 3 years ago


I'm afraid there is no such listing in our documentation.

Every file in the template should contain:



  • jQuery js/jquery.min.js
  • popperJS js/popper.min.js (for components like tooltips)
  • Bootstrap JS js/bootstrap.min.js
  • MDB JS js/mdb.min.js

That's a base for the project using MDB4. Remember that when you are using plugins such a Full Calendar - you have to attach those files yourself.

You can check our latest product - MDB5 (with vanilla JavaScript, no jQuery) There are fewer files to link :)

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