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tphunte free asked 2 years ago

Expected behavior

Credit card expiry date autocomplete by chrome when card information is found by chrome using select option for month and year

Actual behavior

Everything but the select options are being populated, if the class="mdb-select" is removed, the autocomplete works

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

                        <div class="md-form">
                        <select class="mdb-select" name="cc-exp-month" id="cc-exp-month"   required>
                            <option value="" disabled selected>Select expiry month</option>
                            <option value="01">January</option>
                            <option value="02">February</option>
                            <option value="03">March</option>
                            <option value="04">April</option>
                            <option value="05">May</option>
                            <option value="06">June</option>
                            <option value="07">July</option>
                            <option value="08">August</option>
                            <option value="09">September</option>
                            <option value="10">October</option>
                            <option value="11">November</option>
                            <option value="12">December</option>
                        <label class="mdb-main-label">Expiry month</label>
                        <div class="invalid-feedback" id="cc-exp-month_validation">
                            Invalid expiry month

Marcin Luczak staff answered 2 years ago


You are using mdb-select and 'md-form' classes, which are reserved classes for the Pro Material Select component and they won't work without the MDB Pro package.

Please use default select from this example or consider purchasing MDB Pro package.

Keep coding, Marcin

tphunte free commented 2 years ago

I have the pro package When a credit card previously used is typed in the credit card number fields the other fields are being populated with the exception of fields that used the mdb-select

See screen capture below

Marcin Luczak staff commented 2 years ago

This is because the Material Select, for dynamic use is based on the input element with the corresponding list and its items instead of default select-options elements relation, thus autofill will not work on it.

Keep coding, Marcin


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