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Martini free asked 5 years ago

Hello everyone!

This website is extremely slow, it is almost impossible to create a website when it takes approximately 20 seconds to load each and every page, and sometimes the pages don't even load, because the server "forgot" the requests, so I have to re-request. This disturbs my workflow, and makes it impossible to enjoy the otherwise great product MDBootstrap has to offer.

I wonder if there are any plans to increase the performance of the website? Additionally, have you considered to use some kind of software such as RabbitMQ so I don't have to wait indefinitely since the server forgets my requests, or doesn't receive them due to I/O blocking?

evieira357 pro commented 5 years ago

Hi Martini, i was just looking one thread to put one question that by sheer considence is the same question you did! we are suffering a lot due this this problem the MDB get so slowly sometimes that you begin to think "Will my site become slowly like that because i'm using the MDB Bootstrap?".... We are waiting for one precisely ansewer about this problem..

Kenneth Poulsen free answered 4 years ago

Website still slow and it's almost august 2020 !

Edit: Got a 504 error when submitting this post. Guess because of timeout.

yslim free answered 4 years ago

I use this site mostly to see example code. But I can't proceed my project because this site is toooooo slow.

Why don't you provide the example code in gitlab repository or within pro package?

Mateusz Leciejewski staff commented 4 years ago

@yslim, we're aware that our website may work slowly, and we're doing our best to speed it up. Apologies for your inconvenience!

Unfortunately, our documentation is changing a lot, which would be difficult and time-consuming to manage the offline docs.

Martini free answered 4 years ago

Alright, the website is slow again and I'm wondering if you guys even care. It's been 7 months since this post was made, and it still takes at least 5 seconds before whatever backend you have respond.

If this doesn't get sorted out ASAP, I will never use your service again until it's able to respond faster. This is not optimal at all.

londoh pro answered 5 years ago

I'm back to trying to work with MDB Pro after some months away.

I commented about this website performance issue in 2018! - when you said there would be improvements. But there havent been, and the website is still incredibly SLOW!

Its just so frustrating. As others point out: pages take for ever to load, if they ever do.

Hardware is so comparatively cheap these days I cant believe you can still have an issue like this. Even if your code is really poorly optimized you can just throw some more cpu and ram resources at it. If it is your hosting - then move away. Rent a dedi box, or whatever.

But PLEASE fix it.


ggiani pro answered 5 years ago

It's terribly slow since months! What's up there?!? Very hard to work with it... :-/

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 5 years ago

For me, our website is loading within 3-5 seconds. How long does it take for you?

Martini free commented 5 years ago

@Bartłomiej Malanowski It happens often that the server stops responding. It's become truly useless. I am now using google's cache, and I have used HTTrack to download your site on my PC, because it's simply pointless and kills development flow to wait for your website to (possibly) respond.

I prefer the online version, but until it becomes reliable, I'll stick with the local copy.

Hi, @Martini!

Thank you for letting us know and I apologize for the inconvenience with accessing our website. We already know about this issue and we're working to improve the performance of our site

evieira357 pro commented 5 years ago

Hi Bartłomiej, we really appreciate you effort to give us one answered about it, but the question in my opinion until now being in air, in other words, we need to know when and how you are thinking to solve this problema and the mainly point is "What is the real problem? (your framework MDB that are puting you site to down or the language that you used tho develop it?)

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 5 years ago

Hi, @evieira357,

I totally understand your point

Recently, we were facing some issues with our hosting provider. We've found out that some of our services couldn't handle the traffic that comes from numerous jumps of popularity our phrases on search engines. We already managed then so everything is working fine now. Taking advantage of the opportunity, we also optimized our site a little bit

Answering your question - there's no need to worry. MDBootstrap will not kill your server or something. We'll be still working to optimize our site as much as it'll be possible

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