Topic: When mdbootstrap supports webpack?

pleaseguideme pro asked 6 years ago

My question is when mdbootstrap supports webpack? I think webpack is better then gulp. When mdbootstrap release their modules like bootstrap 4. In bootstrap 4 modules, i want to remove dropdown.js extension then i just comment it like this: // import 'bootstrap/js/dist/dropdown'; I want to use MDBootstrap like this. And i also have some suggestions. Why you put all vendor modules on vendor directory. Just use npm or bower to install them. And please write your js modules in es6. Improve your sass code and i think mdbootstrap will become more famous. Thanks you.

Currently, webpack isn't supported. We are planning to move to webpack in the future. Currently, I cannot provide you an estimated time. We're also planning to rewrite our js modules to ES6 Some of our customers (also premium) use webpack, but they had to find the solution by yourself

pleaseguideme pro commented 6 years ago

I really like MDBootstrap and i also buy its pro version. But for these issues, i do not use it. And one more thing i suggest you to use NPM for dependencies.

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 6 years ago

We'll take a look at the dependencies!

pleaseguideme pro commented 6 years ago

If you face some issues while using webpack, then you can use Laravel Mix which is an excellent wrapper for Webpack and you can also use Laravel Mix outside of Laravel. Checkout this documentation:

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 6 years ago

Integration with Laravel Mix is already on our wishlist ;)

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