Topic: Attempted import error: 'MDBBtnFixed' is not exported from 'mdbreact'. free asked 4 years ago

after I upgraded mdbreact to 4.19 now I get error:

Attempted import error: 'MDBBtnFixed' is not exported from 'mdbreact'.

I didnt change anything in source and all imports are fine.

Thanks in advance

Konrad Stępień staff answered 4 years ago


If you can please check the answer of @Christian Aichner, and tell me if the error still exists and also when you

Delete node_modules folder

you can also delete package-lock.json and then

Use npm i to freshly install the package.

Can you tell me did you use MDBreact with dependencies or zip file?

Best regards, Konrad.

Christian Aichner pro answered 4 years ago

Hi afshinshahpari!

Are you sure you are using MDB React Pro?

MDBBtnFixed is an MDB React Pro component.

Looking through the GitLab of MDB, I see that MDBBtnFixed is being exported like every other component.

ButtonFixed as MDBBtnFixed,
ButtonFixedItem as MDBBtnFixedItem,

Checking their changelog for 4.19, I can't find anything about removing this component or changing anything about it.

Are you sure you are using MDB React Pro?

How did you install mdbreact? Can you provide your package.json?

Did you use npm install mdbreact? This would install the free version.

Please follow the well written documentation on how to install MDB React Pro, if you're using the free version.

If this does not work for you or you already use MDB React Pro, try the following:

  • Delete node_modules folder
  • Copy the mdbreact-4.19.0.tgz in your repository
  • Check if this tgz file is referred in your package.json
  • Use npm i to freshly install the package

Best regards, Chris

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