Topic: Collapse element preventing correct alignment

EthanPB priority asked 3 weeks ago

*_Expected behavior_*When enabling the right property, I would expect the navbar content to align to the right.Aligned ItemsFully working example using react with the standard JS MDB library (Alfrey)

*_Actual behavior_*Right aligned div is appearing underneathUnaligned Items

*_Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)_*I have managed to find the cause of the issue, it is an extra div wrapping the navbar items when creating the collapse. The extra div prevents the navbar-collapse from aligning contents correctly. From what I can tell, this extra div does nothing and there is no styling attached to the collapse-content class.

offending code

I've found some CSS that seems to fix it:

.collapse-content {
  flex-basis: 100%;
  flex-grow: 1;
  align-items: center;

@media (min-width: 1400px) {
  .collapse-content {
    flex-basis: auto;
    justify-content: space-between;
    display: flex;

This is the code used to generate the broken navbar

<MDBCollapse navbar open={toggler} id='navbarSupportedContent'>
                <MDBNavbarNav fullWidth={false} className={"mb-2 mb-lg-0 me-auto"}>
                    <NavBarLink link={''} title={'Home'} end setToggle={setToggler} />
                    <NavBarLink link={'calendar'} title={'Calendar'} end setToggle={setToggler} />
                    <NavBarLink link={'fees'} title={'Site Fees'} end setToggle={setToggler} />
                    <NavBarLink link={'bookings'} title={'Manage Bookings'} setToggle={setToggler} />
                    <NavBarLink link={'new'} title={'New Booking'} end setToggle={setToggler} />
                    {user && isManagement() ? <>
                        <NavBarLink link={'/manage'} title={'Administration'} end setToggle={setToggler} />
                    </> : null}
                <MDBNavbarNav right fullWidth={false}>
                        <NavBarLink link={'/login'} title={'Login/Register'} end  setToggle={setToggler} />:
                                <MDBDropdownToggle tag={'NavLink'} className={(isActive, isPending) =>
                                    isActive||isPending?"nav-link dropdown-toggle px-4 active":"nav-link dropdown-toggle px-4"


Mateusz Lazaru staff commented 3 weeks ago

Thank you for reporting the issue and sharing a workaround solution, I am adding a task to fix the problem.

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