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bloyal premium asked 4 years ago

We purchased a bundle that included all of the plugins. However, when I go to the API page of the ColorPicker plugin the download section states that "this plugin requires a purchase" and does not give me any information on how to download and use the plugin. How can I use the plugin as a dependency in my react app?

Jakub Chmura staff answered 4 years ago

Hi @bloyal,

If you want to use our React Pro and ColorPicker and plugins you don't need to install react pro pack as first.

If you unzip react ColorPicker , you will see the newest mdbreact 4.23.1 version inside. Just run console and type npm install to install dependencies. The react package will be installed with ColorPicker , you don't need to install it separately.

After installation ColorPicker and React Pro Pack you can use both in your project.

The most important thing is when you want to add some of our plugins to your project you need to follow my instructions.

Download plugins from our website.Unzip this plugin to the new folder.Open plugin's package.json.Open package.json file from your project folder.Copy dependency from plugins package.json ( remember to copy only those dependency that does not repeat in your main project package.json.)After copy all dependencies from all the plugins you want to install copy .tgz files to the main project folder (the folder where you keep package.json file) for example mdb-plugin-name-123.tgz file.And finally, if you copy all dependencies and copy all .tgz files open your console and type npm install command.If everything goes fine with the installation process you can use plugins in your project. To do this you need to import these files into your app.js. For example:

import ColorPicker from "mdb-react-color-picker"

I hope that my answer will help.

Best regards,


bloyal premium commented 4 years ago

This worked great! Thanks Kuba

Jakub Chmura staff commented 4 years ago

@bloyal, it's a pleasure! Best, Kuba

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