Datatable: Text in search filter disregards after refresh co

Topic: Datatable: Text in search filter disregards after refresh comes

Kristóf Szőke asked a year ago

Expected behavior

When a refresh comes the filter should apply according what is specified in the search field.

Actual behavior

I write something in the search field and it is filtered as expected, but when a periodical asynchronous refresh comes the filtering is gone even though a text is still in the search field and the state of the datatable is not saved.

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

render() {
    let val = this.state;
    let date =;
    if (date == null)
        date = "";
    let serviceRunning = "Service is running on " +;
    let cssName = "pt-md-4 pl-md-3 text-success";
    if (this.state.invoked == null) {
        serviceRunning = "Connecting to service...";
        cssName = "pt-md-4 pl-md-3 text-warning";
    if (this.state.error != null) {
        serviceRunning = this.state.error + " on host " +;
        cssName = "pt-md-4 pl-md-3 text-danger";
    return (
        <div className="service">

            <table style={tableStyle}>
                        <h3 className={cssName}>{serviceRunning}</h3>
                        <h5 className={cssName}>{date}</h5>

                          className="pr-md-4 pl-md-4"


And addition to this I've tried this option:

<MDBDataTable search={ value => console.log(value) } 

Seems that it doesn't work as expected. The value is not written in the console log.

Is there a proper way to fix this issue? Somehow to save the state of the datatable after refreshing the page?

Piotr Glejzer staff answered a year ago


I'm afraid to say that but I checked the code of DataTable and we don't have 'async' function inside this component. You probably have to write your own to store data in local storage/cookies or some database.

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