Topic: DataTables sort using searchvalue not working on MBD5

mhaitana priority asked 2 years ago

I have tried the answer in this question however the expected behaviour is not working.

Expected behavior

How sort should look: enter image description here

Actual behavior

How sort looks when date is formatted enter image description here

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

The code I am trying is:

// date sorted in the yyyy-mm-dd format and displayed on table as dd/mm/yyyy
const createdDate = authority.attributes.created.split('T')[0]
const dateSortValue = {searchvalue: createdDate}
const dateDisplay = <span {...dateSortValue}>{this.formatDate(createdDate)}</span>

Row data:

     vendor: "Redacted" || vendors.join(', '),
     address: "Redacted" || this.buildAddress(address.attributes),
     date_created: dateDisplay,
     sales_terms: authority.attributes.type,
     signing_agent:"Redacted" ||  agents.join(', '),
     status: this.getStatusBadge(authority.attributes.status)

Table data:

const data = {
  columns: [
    { label: 'Vendor', field: 'vendor', sort: true },
    { label: 'Address', field: 'address', sort: true },
    { label: 'Date Created', field: 'date_created', sort: true },
    { label: 'Sales Terms', field: 'sales_terms', sort: true },
    { label: 'Signing Agent', field: 'signing_agent', sort: true },
    { label: 'Status', field: 'status', sort: false }
  rows: authorities

DataTable component:

    sortField='Date Created'
    rowsText={`${authorityWording.plural} per page:`}
    loadingMessage={`Loading ${authorityWording.plural}`}
    noFoundMessage={`No ${authorityWording.plural} found`}

Wojciech Staniszewski staff commented 2 years ago

The sorting algorithm is the same for all our technologies (Standard, React, Vue, Angular). We prefer that changes be made first at MDB Standard. I already asked our crew how to handle this problem. We will come up with some solution soon.

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Specification of the issue

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  • Premium support: Yes
  • Technology: MDB React
  • MDB Version: MDB5 1.3.0
  • Device: Macbook Pro
  • Browser: Chrome
  • OS: macOS Big Sur v11.4
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