date picker get value in dd/mm/yyyy format in mdb react


Topic: date picker get value in dd/mm/yyyy format in mdb react

viswanathm pro premium asked 3 months ago


i want date in dd/mm/yyyy format in react application. currently i am getting get value as Mon Jul 15 2019 18:13:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

how to use $('.datepicker').pickadate({ format: 'yyyy/mm/dd', formatSubmit: 'yyyy/mm/dd' }) in mdbreact or there is any other way.

Aliaksandr Andrasiuk staff answered 3 months ago


Datepicker receives format property, where you can set any format you want. For example:

import React from 'react';
import { MDBDatePicker } from 'mdbreact';

class DatePickerPage extends React.Component  {
  getPickerValue = (value) => {

  render() {
        <MDBDatePicker format="YYYY / MM / DD" getValue={this.getPickerValue} />

export default DatePickerPage;

Notice that register, a count of letters and spaces affects the date you will get:

format="M / D/YY" will set data as `7 / 12/19`
format="D MMMM, Y" will set data as `12 July, 2019`

Hope I could help you.

Best regards.

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