Topic: Expanded MDBSelect

Uriel Chami free asked 4 years ago

Expected behavior I would like to know if there is a mode where I can directly see the options of the select without clicking on it.

I mean something like this: enter image description here

If there isn't I would call it Expanded, and it can be a boolean, where if expanded=true, you will see directly the options and the search, and if expanded=false, you would see a regular MDBSelect. In expanded=true with multiple=false I would use radio buttons

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 4 years ago


do you mean about normal select or multi-select?


Uriel Chami free commented 4 years ago

MDB Select, with or without multiple = true. What I want is to see a list of (checkbox if multiple=true) or (radio button if multiple=false)

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 4 years ago

I think is not possible now to see this option. Your image is not working so may you upload new one? Thanks!

Uriel Chami free commented 4 years ago

I can see the image correctly, nontheless I re uploaded it to another host. Here it is:

Also here it is my idea for expanded=true and multiple=false

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 4 years ago

We will re-write select in the nearly future. I can add this to our list to-do to check this feature. Thanks and have a nice day.

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