How to avoid `MDBSelect` to do multiples re-calls using `get

Topic: How to avoid `MDBSelect` to do multiples re-calls using `getValue`?

caio.davi asked 2 years ago

I have an MDBSelect component and a handle function to get its changes, like that:

      options={ => {
        return {
          text: Facility.Name,
          value: Facility.ID.toString(),

And the handler:

const handleSelect = (value) => {
const newFormContents = { ...formContents };
newFormContents["FacilityID"] = value[0];

But getValue keep calling the handler after the change, and causing the follow error:

Error: Maximum update depth exceeded. This can happen when a component repeatedly calls setState inside componentWillUpdate or componentDidUpdate. React limits the number of nested updates to prevent infinite loops.

I'm using gatValue because I didn't find a onChange method in the API documentation.May you help me telling what am I doing wrong?

Jakub Chmura staff premium answered 2 years ago

Hi @caio.davi,

Probably your getValue handler causes multiple re-calls. Please check this example, everything works fine. You need to follow the example below and try to fix your getValue handle function.

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { MDBSelect } from 'mdbreact';

class SelectPage extends Component {
  state = {
    options: [
        checked: false,
        disabled: false,
        icon: null,
        value: '1',
        text: 'Option 1',
        checked: false,
        disabled: false,
        icon: null,
        value: '2',
        text: 'Option 2',
        checked: false,
        disabled: false,
        icon: null,
        value: '3',
        text: 'Option 3',

  getValueOfSelect = (value) => {

  render() {
    return (
          selected='Choose your option'

export default SelectPage;

Best, Kuba

karthickumar88 commented 2 years ago

Hi Kuba,

Your example just print the selected value. But the problem is when we update the options when user select any value in from the select, then the error occur.

Thanks, Karthic

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