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Oskar Gmerek priority asked 3 years ago

Hi. I trying to pass dynamic data to select component.

With normal Html field I will do that in this way:

<select name="flat" id="flat">
{ => => <option  value={}>{flat.address}</option>)  )}

When I trying to pass that data to data of MDBSelect then always is ending with errors like "TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'e.text.toLowerCase')" after trying to choose an option in the browser.

Can someone help me? How I can do that?

Kind Regards, Oskar

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 3 years ago


Could you share with me a code with MDBSelect and your data? The problem could be with your structure. We want to check if that causes the issue or something is wrong on our side :)

Keep coding!

Oskar Gmerek priority commented 3 years ago

Hi. I just simply copy MDSelect example from docs. Then I try if few ways to pass that data. But I really don’t know how to pass it. I think that must be an array. But I don’t know how to do that as is not covered in docs. It’s on my side. I asking for example how to do that properly.

In mdb4 is there simply for me, as the passing options is very similar to default html select. But in mdb5 I have no idea how to do that properly

Here is an example of MDBSelect with the data similar to yours.

const selectData = {
    user: {
      clients: [
          id: 0,
          route_number: 53253,
          id: 1,
          route_number: 26757,
          id: 2,
          route_number: 12634,
          id: 3,
          route_number: 5215,
          id: 4,
          route_number: 421412,

And here is example how to pass this data to MDBSelect:

    data={, i) => {
        return { text: row.route_number, value: i };

Oskar Gmerek priority answered 3 years ago

its how my data is structured

its how my data is structured I want to have all 'route_number' as option in select component

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