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Topic: Line Chart Modification

Nitin.Chanana pro premium asked 2 months ago

I want to change the increment behavior of Line Chart's Axis bar, Currently its increasing by 0.5, Please help me out...

Aliaksandr Andrasiuk staff answered 2 months ago


You should pass an object with needed properties to options prop to Line chart component. Options may look the next way :

let options = {
      scales: {
          yAxes: [{
              ticks: {
                  max: 100,
                  min: 0,
                  stepSize: 5

In the code above I set the increment to change by 5, the minimum set to 0, the maximum set to 100.

Now you should pass this object to the options property of <Line> component:

<Line data={this.state.dataLine} options={options} />

Hope this info was helpful.

Best regards.

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