Topic: Material Design for Bootstrap (React version) fails to run

pathnext pro asked 5 years ago

I just downloaded (.zip) and installed (tried both npm install and yarn install).In every case, when I npm start, the following error occurs in both standard and pro versions: ERROR in ./docs/index.js Module build failed: SyntaxError: Unexpected token (12:2) 10 | 11 | ReactDOM.render( > 12 |   <App />,     |   ^ 13 |   document.getElementById(\'root\') 14 | ); 15 | @ multi (webpack)-dev-server/client?http://localhost:8080 ./docs/index.js Child html-webpack-plugin for \"index.html\":      1 asset        [0] ./node_modules/html-webpack-plugin/lib/loader.js!./public/index.html 1.98 kB {0} [built]        [1] ./node_modules/lodash/lodash.js 477 kB {0} [built]        [2] (webpack)/buildin/global.js 487 bytes {0} [built]        [3] (webpack)/buildin/module.js 500 bytes {0} [built] webpack: Failed to compile. I\'m probably missing something, but it would be great to have this work as the MDB (React) documentation states.How to proceed?

Mikołaj Smoleński staff answered 5 years ago

The basic installation is very easy and it's weird that something is going wrong. After You download our product type 'yarn' to install it and then 'yarn start' to launch webpack. If You follow these steps and the problem still exists try to update yarn or npm. Let us know whether it started or not. Regards

mpcooke4 pro commented 5 years ago

Many of us have had this problem. I got it with the free version and then had it all over again with the pro version. I wonder if yarn has to be used once before npm can be used instead?

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 5 years ago

It was checked by our team and it works fine (both npm and yarn installation). Did You add these dependencies?: yarn add font-awesome@4.7.0 --exact yarn add bootstrap@4.0.0 --exact yarn add react-error-overlay@4.0.0 --exact

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