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Bridget Melvin premium asked 1 year ago

Expected behavior I want to use the value and onChange prop with MDBDatepicker with React's useState variables and custom change handler. How can I accomplish this?

Actual behavior I get an error in the dev tools: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'value')"

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Form snippet

<label htmlFor='investment-date'>Investment Date</label>
    icon='fas fa-calendar'

useState snippet

  const [userInput, setUserInput] = useState({
    enteredInvDate: company.investmentDate,    // a string in format 'm/d/yyyy'

Change Handler snippet

  const invDateChangeHandler = (event) => {
    setUserInput((prevState) => ({

Your onChange function should look this way:

         onChange={(date) => {
            setUserInput((prevState) => ({
              enteredInvDate: date,

Datepicker is not a normal input, so it does not return an event on change.

Bridget Melvin premium commented 1 year ago

I am using MDB React UI Kit v5.0.0 and still cannot use the value and onChange properties.

const investmentDateHandler = (date) => { setUserInput((prevState) => ({ ...prevState, // enteredInvestmentDate:, enteredInvestmentDate: date, })); };

<DatePicker format="m/d/yyyy" value={userInput.enteredInvestmentDate} onChange={(date) => investmentDateHandler(date)} />

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