Topic: MDBButton do not get custom classes

omnia free asked 4 years ago

Since the last version (that you released this morning) I cannot put any custom classes in the MDBBtn compoment


MDBBtn size="lg" onClick={this.onClick} color="white" className="btn btn-primary ml-3 setting-btn-side-bar">

setting-btn-side-bar is ignored during compilation and this is never happend before.

Looking in the pro-repo on git seem that you override the className property in Button$1 and there you forgot to append the original className string.

I bypass this problem putting ad ID and using it to write my custom css, but I think that is still a bug.

Piotr Glejzer staff answered 4 years ago


Yes, it's a bug. I already fixed this.. We forgot to implement prop 'className' into a button that's why it's not working. If you are using our package from gitlab you can see it at the Button component in the pro folder. This fix will be released in the next release or you can fix this for your own.. Sorry about that.

Best regards, Piotr

Stefischer free commented 4 years ago

Is there an ETA on when the update will be released?

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 4 years ago

In the next monday (23th of December).

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