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Topic: MDBDataTable Grid Issues

Yawar ALI asked 2 months ago

I am using your free version and component of MDBDataTable to display Api response data in grid. I am facing certains issues. If you are providing my issues solution in free or pro version then let me know I am willing to purchase your pro. package.1) MdbDatatable is not responsive when I apply scroll property.2) MdbHeader is not fixed if I apply both scroll X or Y.3) If we update our react state and current position was on page 3 of grid then I will go back to page first.Thanksenter image description here

Jakub Chmura staff premium answered 2 months ago

Hi @Yawar ALI,

Can you send me an example of your code ( with your table data) that contains all your problems? I can't reproduce your problems. For me, it works fine.

You can paste your code here or use some kind of CodeSandbox. Then I test your code and try to answer your question.

Best, Kuba

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