Topic: MDBLazyLoading without having to move

max rioux priority asked 1 year ago

Expected behavior : MDBLazyLoading should load picture as soon as they are on screen without having to scroll

Actual behavior : I need to scroll for the images in the initial view to appears, this is particulary a problem when I have not enough images for the scrollbar to appear because they are stuck in loading

max rioux priority commented 1 year ago

I tried to set lazyDelay={0}, lazyOffset={0} and even lazyOffset={-100}but it doesn't work

Jacek Roszak pro commented 1 year ago

I managed to locate the problem, we added it to our TODO list.

max rioux priority commented 1 year ago

Glad to read that !

max rioux priority commented 1 year ago

How far is it on your TODO list? :)

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 1 year ago

Currently we are focusing mainly on bug fixes. This bug is on the list of things to fix and we will try to fix it as soon as possible

malte premium answered 1 year ago

As a workarround (its dirty I know) I used:

window.scrollTo(window.scrollX, window.scrollY - 1);
window.scrollTo(window.scrollX, window.scrollY + 1);

Call it with a 1ms delay after your data is loaded.


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