Topic: MDBNavLink is always active when pointing to baseurl

Christian Aichner pro asked 3 years ago

Expected behavior

Two issues here.

1) When the MBNavLink is pointing to /, it should only be active if the react-router-dom pathname is /.

2) When adding active={false} to <MDBNavLink> it should no longer have the active class. (This is most likely a result of the first issue)

Actual behavior

1) When <MDBNavLink to="/"> the item is always active.

2) Even after adding active={false} to both NavLink and NavItem the item stayed active.



Christian Aichner pro answered 3 years ago


This was not a MDB related issue. After looking in the MDB React code, I discovered, that there is almost no additional work done other than mapping the component props to the react-router-dom Link and NavLink.

Giving the exact prop to MDBNavLink fixed the issue.


This should be added to your documentation!

Best regards, Chris

Jakub Chmura staff answered 3 years ago

Hi @Christian Aichner,

We've added a link props to the MDBNavLink component that changes NavLink to Link Component from react-router-dom You can read about this HERE at API Tab.

In the future, we add a new component like MDBLink to use it as a link from react-router-dom to separate NavLink from Link.

I'm happy that you find the solution to your problem. If there is anything else I could do for you do not hesitate to ask me.

Best regards,


Christian Aichner pro commented 3 years ago

Yeah, that does - however - not fix the problem. Because the <Link> item also requires an exact to not always be active when to="/".

Jakub Chmura staff commented 3 years ago


We add information about this to our documentation soon. Thank you very much for your feedback!

Best Regards,


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Specification of the issue

  • User: Pro
  • Premium support: No
  • Technology: MDB React
  • MDB Version: 4.21.1
  • Device: Desktop
  • Browser: Google Chrome
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Provided sample code: Yes
  • Provided link: Yes