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dbhowmik priority asked 2 years ago


I am using MDBSelect to load a dropdown with values from an array, but it does not display the options. I do not see any error in the console even. Every option (LI) that is generated for some reason includes data-test="controlled-select-option". Not sure if this is the cause of the issue.

    state = {
    options: [
            text: "Internet",
            value: "1"
            text: "Friend",
            value: "2"
            text: "Employee",
            value: "3"

<MDBSelect options={this.state.autoyear} selected="Year" label="Year" size="sm" />

<ul data-test="controlled-select-options" class="dropdown-content select-dropdown fadeElement"><li data-test="controlled-select-option" data-multiple="false" class="disabled"><span data-multiple="false" class="filtrable">How did you hear about us</span></li><li data-test="controlled-select-option" data-multiple="false" class=""><span data-multiple="false" class="filtrable">Internet</span></li><li data-test="controlled-select-option" data-multiple="false" class=""><span data-multiple="false" class="filtrable">Friend</span></li><li data-test="controlled-select-option" data-multiple="false" class=""><span data-multiple="false" class="filtrable">Employee</span></li></ul>


Krzysztof Wilk staff answered 2 years ago


You are still providing a state that doesn't exist. You created a state called options, so there's no such a state called aboutus. If you use your Select as below everything should work. If you still have a problem - please provide a complete code of your app with select :)

<MDBSelect options={this.state.options} label="About Us" size="sm" />

Keep coding!

dbhowmik priority answered 2 years ago

also sorry for the wrong array that I submitted it is called

<MDBSelect options={this.state.aboutus} label="About Us" size="sm" />

dbhowmik priority answered 2 years ago


I am using "mdbreact"; and not 'mdb-react-ui-kit' hence do not have access to data property but its called options property.


Krzysztof Wilk staff answered 2 years ago


Your way of using the MDBSelect component is wrong. The array of options should be passed to the data property. If you want to select the value by default - you have to add the selected: true property inside the array of options. So the proper MDBSelect component initialization should look like this:

<MDBSelect data={this.state.options} />

Note that you called your state options and you are trying to pass the state called autoyear which doesn't exist.

More about Select you can read here: :)

Keep coding!

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