Topic: MDBToast stacking is not displayed correctly

clickstudioltd priority asked 1 year ago

The toasts are a bit bigger than what you see on documentation page, which is not a big deal for now, but the spacing between toasts is huge, and later toasts do not shift their position when the earlier ones are gone. The code is taken from the documentation.

enter image description here

Jacek Roszak pro commented 1 year ago

You can change the spacing between toasts by setting the value of offset. You can read the full API section here

clickstudioltd priority commented 1 year ago

Unfortunately, the documentation is the core reason of so many confusions. The example code for stacking toasts is using offset={50} while the live example is probably using offset={10} which is the default.

I still have a problem with later toasts not shifting their position. Is this another false behavior of the documentation live example or they have to shift when earlier toasts are gone?

Jacek Roszak pro commented 1 year ago

The value of offset in the documentation will be corrected in the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We will examine the problem of shifting the position of toasts, I can confirm that the problem exists. Thanks for reporting it.

clickstudioltd priority commented 1 year ago

Is there a fix for this issue in the new release? I didn't see it in the change logs.

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