Topic: MDBWysiwyg does not work inside MDBModal

clickstudioltd priority asked 1 year ago

This component does not work inside MDBModal at all. As soon as you press any of the drop down toolbar buttons, the modal goes away probably due to howMDBDropdown is designed.

There are other issues like if I select a text inside the editor and move the mouse outside of the modal, modal goes away in that way too.

Plus, is there no example on how to save the editor's content into a variable? And how can we load the saved text if it's in plain HTML and not JSX?

Jacek Roszak pro answered 1 year ago

Do you have the newest version? In the last release we fixed the MDBDropdown problem, I checked it, and now it's fully working.

If you want to prevent closing the modal if text is selected, please add staticBackdrop prop to MDBModal, then the only way to close modal is by clicking "X" button and clicking the backdrop won't cause closing it.

Last but not least, we added the task for saving the content feature. For now, you could use querySelector for detecting a content along with innerHTML method.

clickstudioltd priority commented 1 year ago

I do have the latest version. Unfortunately, as soon as you click on any drop down item from the toolbar, modal goes away even after adding staticBackdrop. Adding staticBackdrop did fix the issue of selecting the text though.

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