Topic: Modal scale problem

Belovol pro asked 5 years ago

Enconter Modal scale problems. Look this screenshots. When size prop !=fluid, image distorted in chrome browser, while in mozilla works as expected. Image in Card component, for example, scaled properly in either browser. Here is rendering modal's component code. Help!  
const ModalCard = (props) => 
    <Modal size="lg" isOpen={props.modalOpen} >
        <ModalBody >
            <Media className=" row ">
                <Media left className="d-flex col-6 align-self-center justify-content-center mx-3">
                    <Media object src={props.tort.image} className="img-fluid" alt=""  />
                <Media body className="col-6 d-flex flex-column align-self-stretch">
                    <Media heading>
                        {props.tort.filling ? <div><strong>Начинка</strong> - {props.tort.filling}</div>: null}
                        {props.tort.topping ? <div><strong>Покрытие</strong> - {props.tort.topping}</div>: null}
                        {props.tort.decor ? <div><strong>Декор</strong> - {props.tort.decor}</div>: null}
                        <div className="d-flex font-small mt-auto justify-content-center">
                              <Button color="pink" onClick={e => props.click_modal("show",e)}>Закрыть</Button>

Belovol pro commented 5 years ago

I'm very sorry for spamming. Don't understand - why.

Belovol pro answered 5 years ago

Yes, it works. Thank you

Anna Morawska staff answered 5 years ago

Hi  Belovol, I've noticed that removing d-flex class from this line  helps:
<Media left className="d-flex col-6 align-self-center justify-content-center mx-3">

Please try it out and let us know if it works as expected :) Best, Ania

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