Topic: Navbar not working after upgrade

sandor farkas priority asked 2 years ago

None of the documented navbars are working for me after doing "yarn upgrade mdb-react-ui-kit". The Navbar Items are simply not visible.

I was unable to find any hints about upgrading besides of the usual changelog. Am I missing something regarding the upgrade? I understand that some of my views are not workign anymore but I would expect to get the example code running.

sandor farkas priority answered 2 years ago

with 2.0.0. I'm getting this error: Attempted import error: 'MDBAlert' is not exported from 'mdb-react-ui-kit'.

Wojciech Staniszewski staff commented 2 years ago

Did you try to reinstall dependencies? And also clean npm cache.

sandor farkas priority commented 2 years ago

Actually multiple times and multiple versions. I just reset to my previous version as i had other issues as well.

Wojciech Staniszewski staff commented 2 years ago

Could you send me your package.json file? I cannot recreate this problem.

Krzysztof Wilk staff answered 2 years ago


There is a problem on our side, probably with changes in the MDBCollapse component. If this bug affects your work or project - you can downgrade the version of the MDB5 React UI Kit to 2.0.0 until we fix it. The fix should appear in about 1-1,5 weeks (20th December). Sorry about that.

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