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Roman Mzh priority asked 2 years ago


Could you please clarify why do we need some of dependencies and how to get rid of them? I don't actually need datatables and chart.js

"dependencies": { "clsx": "1.1.1", "react-popper": "2.2.4", "@popperjs/core": "2.6.0", "react-perfect-scrollbar": "1.5.8", "chart.js": "^3.1.1", "chartjs-plugin-datalabels": "^1.0.0", "deepmerge": "^4.2.2" }

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These dependencies are needed for the MDBChart component to function properly. You could delete them only locally from your project as shown above.

Roman Mzh priority answered 2 years ago

You could delete the node_modules folder and then modify package.json - delete unnecessary dependencies. In that case, it should look like this:

"dependencies":  { 
    "clsx": "1.1.1", 
    "react-popper": "2.2.4", 
    "@popperjs/core": "2.6.0", 
    "react-perfect-scrollbar": "1.5.8", 
    "deepmerge": "^4.2.2" 

Then reinstall the dependencies by typing npm install.

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