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Topic: Pre fill MDBSelect with state

gllermaly pro asked a week ago

Hello, Im using MDBSelect to an Edit form so Im receiving in props the initial values, and I need to populate this select with the value provided in props.

How can I achieve this ?.

Lets say this.props.color = 1

and select option is :


I dont want to load value into MDBSelectInput but pre-select the option value.


Add property 'selected' to preselect option :)

But, as i assume that, you want to change selected options after everything has mounted.
In this situation you have to use alternative Select component with object as a datata source - it has the ability to react on properties updates. 

gllermaly pro answered 7 days ago

@Jakub Mandra Thanks! , but in that object I only see "value" option that in reality is "text" option.

To determinate if option is selected or not I need to compare values, not texts (labels) because my field value is "days" (int) and my text is "X days"

I dont want to create a dirty solution where Im parsing strings.
I  hope you follow me 

I will try when I come back  home to just pass a "dbValue" attribute to option object, should work right?

This did the job, if you know a cleaner way let me know please 

optionsExample = [ { dbValue:3 , value: "3 days"} ]

  componentWillMount() {

//dummy database object

const dbObject = { days: 3 };

let optionsSelect = this.state.options; => {

if (opt.dbValue === dbObject.days) opt.checked = true;


this.setState({ options: optionsSelect });


Here is the options object example from our documentation:

options: [
checked: false,
disabled: false,
icon: null,
value: "Option one"
checked: false,
disabled: false,
icon: null,
value: "Option two"
checked: true,
disabled: false,
icon: null,
value: "Option three"
checked: false,
disabled: false,
icon: null,
value: "Option four"


My suggestion how to build an object with preselected options:

componentDidMount() {

const preselected = => {

return {


checked: opt.dbValue === this.state.dbObject.days



this.setState({ options: preselected });



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