Topic: Problem with full palette..

lvothnrv free asked 2 years ago

Hi friends, well I'm calling on you because I try everything I still can't find the solution to my problem ... I would like to use full pallets but I don't understand how to use them... If anyone has an example that would be nice. I am using MDBReact

These are just colors, which can be used in CSS or SCSS. You could use it to create Your own SCSS variables or take the hashcode of the color. To use the colors by variables, for example #EF9A9A, the variable will be $red-200.

lvothnrv free commented 2 years ago

Ah ok I thought we could use direct in the form of a class because I had used as you said to make it work so that's fine we can only use it in the style files. Thank you for your answer.

Wojciech Staniszewski staff commented 2 years ago

Glad I could help :) Keep coding!

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