React-hook-form with MDB React

Topic: React-hook-form with MDB React

GP DR premium priority asked a year ago


I was thinking about using MDB React, my website will be with a lot of complex forms. I want to use react-hook-form library and wondering if its there any easy way for that two libraries to work together.

I was checking react-hook-form docs, its looks for me that connecting MDB to it will be a cost of need to write a lot of code for each field.

I just think is better to ask here than drop an idea to work with MDB.

If someone will want to show me example code (if more complex will be better, and it will be great if it will be example of using MDB Pro features as well) of react-hook-form with integrated MDB that will be awesome and I will be very grateful!

Regards, GP DR

Krzysztof Wilk staff answered a year ago


We don't guarantee the integrality of our package with other libraries. MDB5 is just a UI Kit, so it should work with the react-hook-form, but some components (like select) have a complicated structure, that can cause some problems :( Anyway - I think the basic ones (like MDBInput) will work, so feel free to try them :)

Keep coding!

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