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Ron Lepine asked 5 months ago

Is there a way to install the latest react pro via npm? I used npm to install from the downloaded files.

Just want to be able to update without having to download. Having problems with the navbar component.

Not sure if is because of the install.





Hi there Ron,

Thanks for reaching out! No, considering nature of MDB React PRO package, it is not provided "out there", downloadable via node. But, as you have correctly stated, it is an convenient way to incorporate the package (install it, if you prefer), once the it is already on the machine.

Well, to update the package, one has to get hold of the new code-base. Therefore, it shall need to be downloaded, that way or another - can't really imagine it being otherwise.

The issue seems to be caused by an outdated version of MDB package, that used to apply a string ref to the Navbar - a practice being currently depreciated in the newest installments of React. Depending on your version, the issue may be easily solvable at node_modules/src/components/Navbar.js. It is enough to make sure, that component's this.ref does point at anything other than a string (or, best, in case of the newest React version, use React.createRef(); function). That way a whole package download can be avoided.

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  • User: Pro
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  • Technology: React
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