Topic: scoping all react app styles inside a global #root element priority asked 3 months ago

Expected behavior I've developed a React application and built it using the React MDB library. After integrating the app into a WordPress page via Reactpress, I noticed that the MDB styles are affecting other elements on the WordPress site. Is there a way to isolate the MDB styles[ and all css potentially ] so they only apply within the React app? The React app is hosted within a div with the ID #root on the WordPress page. some files causing the issues _reboot.scss _variables.scss

Actual behavior

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Mateusz Lazaru staff commented 3 months ago

At the moment, there is no way to isolate minified css to the single page or component.

I would try to import only the styles you need, or comment out the conflicting styles in _reboot.scss and _variables.scss priority commented 2 months ago

what do you mean by "I would try to import only the styles you need," ?

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