Update warning on DataTable

Topic: Update warning on DataTable

Dhaler Antoine free asked 2 years ago

Hi, I’m using the component DataTable of MDBReact. I developed a functionality which allow us to show/hide any columns of the table (functionality which is not propose by MDBReact). Each time I want to do this action, the “columns” object from the property “data” of the component “MDBDataTable” is updated. Then I got this warning in the console :

enter image description here

Thanks for the help , Regards, Antoine

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 2 years ago

may you show me code about these bugs? Thanks.

Dhaler Antoine free answered 2 years ago

Here is the initial view : enter image description here

Then, when I click on one of the top checkbox, the following column hides by remove it from the array 'selectedColumnLabels'. Then, I got the warning : enter image description here

Here is my component code :

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import {MDBDataTable, MDBInput  } from 'mdbreact';
import "mdbreact/dist/css/mdb.css";

const customerName =  {
    label: 'Client',
    field: 'customerName',
    sort: 'asc',
    width: 100,
const siteName =  {
    label: 'Site',
    field: 'siteName',
    sort: 'asc',
    width: 100,
const lineName =  {
    label: 'Ligne',
    field: 'lineName',
    sort: 'asc',
    width: 100,

    loading: true,
    selectedColumnsLabels: [customerName.field, siteName.field, lineName.field],
    allColumns: [customerName, siteName, lineName],
    rowsData: null,

const rowsData = [
        customerName: 'Tiger Nixon',
        siteName: 'System Architect',
        lineName: 'Edinburgh',
        customerName: 'Tiger Nixon',
        siteName: 'System Architect',
        lineName: 'Edinburgh',
        customerName: 'Tiger Nixon',
        siteName: 'System Architect',
        lineName: 'Edinburgh',
class Feedback extends Component {
    _isMounted = false;
    constructor(props) {
        this.state = {
    componentDidMount() {
        this._isMounted = true;

    toggleColumn = (e) => {
        const {selectedColumnsLabels} = this.state;
        selectedColumnsLabels.includes(e.target.id) ? selectedColumnsLabels.splice(selectedColumnsLabels.indexOf(e.target.id), 1) : selectedColumnsLabels.push(e.target.id);
        this.setState(prevState => {return {selectedColumnsLabels: selectedColumnsLabels}});

    render() {
        this.INITIAL_STATE = this.state;
        const { selectedColumnsLabels, allColumns} = this.state;
        let selectedColumns = [];
        allColumns.map((element) => {
        return (
            <div style={{backgroundColor: '#fff'}}>
                <Header isDisconnected={this.INITIAL_STATE.isDisconnected}/>
                    <div id="wrapper-feedback" className={'feedback'}>
                        <div className={'row col-sm-12 checkboxLine'}>
                            {allColumns.map((element, index) => (
                                    selectedColumnsLabels.includes(element.field) ?
                                        <div className="custom-control custom-checkbox" key={index}>
                                            <input type="checkbox" ref={this.input} className="custom-control-input" id={element.field} checked onChange={e => this.toggleColumn(e)}/>
                                            <label className="custom-control-label" htmlFor={element.field}>{element.label}</label>
                                        <div className="custom-control custom-checkbox" key={index}>
                                            <input type="checkbox" className="custom-control-input aaa" id={element.field} checked={false} onChange={e => this.toggleColumn(e)}/>
                                            <label className="custom-control-label" htmlFor={element.field}>{element.label}</label>
                        <div className={this.props.type}>
                                data={{columns: selectedColumns, rows: rowsData}}
                                noRecordsFoundLabel = "Aucun feedback disponible"
                                paginationLabel={["Précédent", "Prochain"]}
                                infoLabel={["Résultats", "à", "sur", "résultats"]}
                                entriesLabel="Nombre de ligne"
                                entriesOptions={[5, 10, 25, 50]}

export default Feedback;

If you have any question about the process, feel free to ask me. Thanks for the help, Antoine

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 2 years ago

Your function looks good but here is a problem with that you try to update states from component to another without callback or componentdidupdate. I assume that you don't have to worry about now with this warning but we don't provide a manipulate datatable state from another component at the moment.

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  • Technology: MDB React
  • MDB Version: 4.25.0
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