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efilippi priority asked 3 years ago


is it possible to search different words in several column in MDB5 datatables ?

for example, in the following table :

I want to filter Accountant in Position column AND Tokyo in Office column so I get 2 results.

Thank you for your help


Chadzilla free answered 2 years ago

Literally I ran into this issue and it just instantly boiled my blood. Nothing having our time wasted, thanks for nothing. I mean who in the hell labels advanced features and only to find there was serious limitations. I'm really upset about this!

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 2 years ago

We do everything we can to make our components combine as many features as possible. But note that we are developing many components and we don't specialize in just one of them. This required us to decide what options would be available to start with. When we created our tables, we tried to add everything that our users often asked about in the past. This means that there may always be a feature request that we still do not have. We try to add new features as often as possible, but we focus on bugs first, so that our package is as stable as possible. In addition, because we do not focus only on one component, we always have to decide in which component we will add new features. And it depends on many factors, such as the popularity of a component and the number of requests for new features. To this feature request, I will add the information that you also expect the option to search different phrases in different columns

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 3 years ago

Unfortunately, this is not possible. But I'll add this to our ideas board, and maybe one day we'll add this option.

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