Topic: Can I modify calendar plugin and where can I find documentation about events?

twj priority asked 1 year ago

Hello team,

I've just purchased a new version of MDB - 5th (before I had 4th) and find it awesome as it could be.

I already have chosen a list of plugins I need in my project and started to go, but I think I can't find documentation for some of plugins. One of them is a calendar, I need to know the following:

1: Where all events are handled - I need to bind them with my backend code via API (I already checked docs and forum). Are there some special methods to catch events like calendar event create/edit/remove or I need to go to a source code (calendar.js) and find them there?

2: I need to create different buttons and separate event creation by event types (for example: I have my teammates tasks which I would like to create with one modal form and first set of fields and I have my home tasks which I would like to create with another modal form and second set of fields). The question is the same - do I need to go to the source code (calendar.js) and find modals there and add more or there are easier way of doing that?

Thanks in advance for your help!

MDB5 is cool

Jinimaru priority answered 1 year ago


i'm working with the boostrap version and I like custom the Add event Window with new fields.

1) How I can do that? 2) Is it possible to get calendar.js without obfuscating?


Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 1 year ago

Here is list of events for Calendar plugin:

I'm not sure if I understand what you need correctly. We do have only one Add event button in calendar. Suppose you want to use multiple modals to add events. In that case, you can, in theory, use the calendar with Add event button disabled, and use our modal component to create custom forms to add events using addEvents method. But if you click on some day/event it will open with the default MDB modal. So in practice, if you want to truly customize your modal, you will need to change the source code.

twj priority commented 1 year ago

Thanks for your reply,

yes, this is exactly what I want to implement, I think I need to go to the source code of calendar.js and add modals there, because we need 3 different types of events in our project (personal home tasks, team tasks and sales tasks) and each of them has it's own set of fields, they share only one field which is "task title" and all other fields differs from each other. Also you have mentioned correctly about existing task opening from a calendar, it will be opened by default task modal, which has also to be overwritten with some case and modal form depending on it's type.

So, thanks for the link with events, I find it very helpful! We have some time to work on it

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