Topic: Cannot use any plugins with MDB5 Pro

GiltnerDev priority asked 3 years ago

Expected behavior

To be able to use any plugin with the all.min.css and js capabilities.

Actual behavior

Error message of: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '.'

Whenever I try to call any type of plugin library.Have tried using all libraries individually, as well as calling the all.min

We are also using the 3.6.0 version but that was not an option to select.

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

We have tried download and unzipping the package multiple times now. Nothing has been helping. All other regular mdb libraries load just fine, but none of the plugins are working because of the error on the all.min files. Please help

Dawid Wajszczuk staff commented 3 years ago

Hi. Could you please provide code responsible for importing these plugins into your project? It will help a lot.

GiltnerDev priority commented 3 years ago

I can't provide the code as its in the plugins libraries. But the error is coming from the all.min.css saying there is an invalid token of '.' at the start of the file. I have tried just about everything and still no luck.

Dawid Wajszczuk staff commented 3 years ago

I would really like to help but without any piece of code it is almost impossible for me. I can only ask if you link CSS to your project by something like <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/all.min.css" /> and not <script src="css/all.min.css"></script>. Sharing your code would really help a lot.

GiltnerDev priority commented 3 years ago

This corrected the issue, thank you so much!

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Specification of the issue

  • ForumUser: Priority
  • Premium support: Yes
  • Technology: MDB Standard
  • MDB Version: MDB5 3.5.1
  • Device: Desktop
  • Browser: Chrome
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Provided sample code: No
  • Provided link: No