Topic: Can't add multiple files one at a time to file-upload plugin

DashMarketingGroup priority asked 10 months ago

I have noticed that even when the file-upload plugin is configured to let the user upload multiple files, they have to add the multiple files all at once. There may be cases when people want to upload multiple image files, but those files are not all in the same folder. In that case, they have to add each file separately, but the file-upload plugin doesn't allow for this. Once an image is added, you can only delete or replace it. In other words, after I add the first image, I can't add any more. All I can do is replace the one already there. Are there any settings I am missing that would help me understand this, or is this just how the plugin is designed?

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 10 months ago

You can drag into file upload more files after the first one is added or click and add more. The message in the example in the documentation may be confusing so I've prepared another example:

aztecadmin priority commented 8 months ago

They show up in the file upload box but when you call the files via javascript from the input only the first file is available via element.files

Kamila Pieńkowska staff commented 8 months ago

That is why we provide an event that allows you to access all files: fileUpload.addEventListener('fileAdd.mdb.fileUpload', (e) => { const addedFile = e.files; })

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